How To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantle Like A Pro For the Holidays

3 Tips On How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantle Like a Pro For The Holidays (1)

The holiday season is just a few weeks away with Thanksgiving just under two weeks away.  Soon the lights and holiday decorations will be beaming from our neighbors front yards.  However, if you are like me you really like to go big inside my home as well.  One of the most eye catching areas can be your fire place.

So with that I put together 3 tips to really help make your fireplace for the holidays stand out.


🕯🔥Fireplaces really add such a cozy element to a home! ✨ Looking to decorate a fireplace mantle like a pro? Here’s some inspiration & great tips!

Variety of Height: having height variations are interesting to look at, and also helps draw the eye up! Show off your full fireplace! Photo #1 has great height variation! The tall mirror, varying candle stick height & short pumpkins🍁!

🌻Multiple Textures: Having one large element in the center of the mantle and varying textures around helps to keep the mantle from looking plain & “too perfect.” ☁️I love the second photo because the white picture frame & the white vases are different textures but they tie in together because they’re the same color⚡️!

🖼Layering Elements: Stack and layer elements in front of each other! This creates dimension and shows the depth of your mantel! Look at all the element in photo #1, layered letter board, pumpkins, wood circles & fall leaves🍂!

📏Does it need to be symmetrical?
The biggest mistake when decorating a mantle is whether or not everything needs to be “the same.” The answer is no! It’s important that the decor is symmetrical with height and tones, but it does not have to be a mirror image!

I hope you enjoyed. Happy Holidays

Tom Babyak

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